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Expert Customer Support

CAMCO’s GibbsCAM Support Engineers bring over 70 years of experience installing, implementing, training, and supporting CAM systems, including over 50 years of GibbsCAM expertise.

You can initiate a support ticket, check the status of an existing ticket, or visit our Knowledge Base in our Support Ticketing System. You can also email us at, or call a Support Specialist directly at (607) 793-8045.

Post Processor Modifications

Having a post processor that meets your exact specifications eliminates the need for editing and guarantees error-free output. Requesting a new post or having a post processor modified is a simple and easy process. Download both types of forms below. Call us with any questions at 607-229-9046.

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GibbsCAM Macros

Macros are a great tool for extending the functionality in GibbsCAM to automate the things you do on a daily basis They provide accuracy and repeatability for frequently used operations like adding fixtures to parts, drill cycles, and loading up a standard tool library.

More GibbsCAM Resources

Check out these other useful GibbsCAM Resources.

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